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    LastCheat For Rust: Aimbot, Flyhack, NoClip & More!


    By using LastCheat for Rust you gain an unlimited advantage over the other players. LastCheat Rust Cheats are the most undetectable cheat for Rust. Join the other elite players now and try out LastCheat Rust Hacks today!

  • What is the game Rust about?

    Facepunch Studios created the survival video game Rust, which is only for multiplayer play. Early access versions of Rust were first made available in December 2013; the final release came in February 2018. Both macOS and Windows support Rust. In May 2021,  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console versions were made available. Using items that have been stolen or obtained, Rust's goal is to survive in the woods. To avoid dying, players must control their thirst, hunger, and health. The player faces the greatest threat from other players because the game is only multiplayer, despite the existence of deadly creatures like bears and wolves. Bows are one type of weapon used in combat, along with guns and other weaponry. Aside from that, occasionally, non-player characters may drive about in cars that will assault armed gamers. Crafting is available in Rust, however it is initially limited until certain things are found in the game's open world. Players must construct bases or ally with tribes in order to stay safe and increase their chances of surviving. A key component of Rust is raiding.


    The safest Rust Hacks and Cheats available.

    While OnyxCheats.com provides undetected cheats for multiple games, a particular game they provide premium undetectable hacks in is Rust. They do this by checking each feature after even the smallest update before deciding the status on the status page. By testing every feature after even the smallest game update it gives more user security knowing their accounts are safe using our Rust cheats and hacks. Enjoy using LastCheat for Rust? You might also like our Apex Legends Cheats.


    Rust Aimbot

    There is an aimbot available for almost every game with weapons. Aimbots can get you whatever kill you want in Rust with little to no effort. If you're seeking to buy an aimbot for Rust, OnyxCheats offers you the simplest way to make sure you get the kill in whatever circumstance you run into. Why are you holding out? Aimbot for Rust may be purchased here.


    Rust ESP/Wallhacks

    One of the most common cheating techniques is the rust wallhack, often known as ESP (extrasensory perception). It has often been demonstrated to be a need while playing any kind of game where you need to observe other players. Wallhacks enable the user to view other players hiding behind any type of cover, allowing you to plan your assault properly and gain a significant competitive edge. Only being able to view other players isn't the only option when it comes to Rust esp cheats or Rust esp hacks. Utilizing ESP for the purpose of being able to view other items or riches dispersed across the world might be another fun experience.


    What makes our Rust Hacks and Cheats the best?

    When it comes to protecting against Rust cheating, us at OnyxCheats don't cut corners. Before making any of our features available to the general public, we test them for countless hours. Any anticheat software will never be able to identify our cheats. When it comes to Rust hacking. We have one of the greatest records when it comes to offering the top tier undetectable Rust cheats since we test every feature after every release. By going here, you may join the ranks of the many excellent players utilizing the finest Rust hacks.


    How to get Rust Hacks?

    In order to enable users to get started right away with the least amount of hassle in acquiring and configuring our premium Rust hacks, we have included the maximum level of information in all of them. You must first visit the store page and choose the Rust hack you wish to buy. After making a purchase, you'll head over to my purchases and copy the key you bought. Finally, you'll visit our downloads page and download the hack you chose and paid for. The next step is to simply launch the Rust hack and, if necessary, you can utilize our forums for further guidance.

  • 4 key reasons why we are better than any other provider for Rust hacks

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    • At OnyxCheats, we concur that client happiness is everything. We do our hardest to retain you as a satisfied client with no problems with your purchase. We would be happy to assist you with the creation of a support ticket if you have any problems.


    • Your security is crucial when it comes to your personal computer. We guarantee that every application we offer is free of malware and viruses when you buy from us. We take pleasure in earning the confidence of consumers so they will become repeat clients.


    • Update timings are equally vital to undetectable features in Rust hacks, as we well realize. With our Rust hacks, we have a very solid track record of having few downtimes following upgrades, allowing you to resume controlling the lobby immediately away.


    • Any anticheat program, including BattlEye, EasyAntiCheat, and VAC, cannot identify any of our cheats. This guarantees that you, the client, will always have the greatest experience using our hacks and that the likelihood of getting banned while using our covert Rust tricks is quite low.
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  • User Reviews Of LastCheat Rust


    Been a user of LastCheat Rust for some time now. These guys definitely know what they're doing when it comes to cheat development.



    LastCheat V2 for Rust is the best cheat around. I've only been GB from raging but when I play legit I don't get banned at all. This also comes with a built in spoofer.



    Why would you need to use anything else? These guys have it all. Spoofer and Cheat in one? At an amazing price. I will forever be a user of LC.



    I have absolutely no complaints about LastCheat Rust Cheat. It's top notch quality at a very friendly price. You can not go wrong buying LastCheat for Rust.



  • Menu Images

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    World ESP


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  • Feature Explanation



    [+] Enable Aimbot - When enabled this will give the aimbot the ability to lock on to targets.
    [+] pSilent Aimbot - By using this feature it will give you the option to shoot enemies within your set FOV but not locking on to the target in spectator or local view.
    [+] Fake Aim
    [+] Humanizer/Smoothing Aimbot - Gives you the option to adjust the smooth rate in which the aimbot will snap to the target.
    [+] Triggerbot - Automatically shoot at an enemy if they come inside your crosshair.
    [+] Auto Shoot - Automatically shoot at an enemy if they come inside your set Aimbot Field Of View.
    [+] Silent Melee - Automatically melee enemies when they come within melee range.
    [+] Silent Farm - Gather resources instantly when you come within the allowed range to farm nodes.
    [+] ADS/Hipfire FOV Selection - Configure your bone target and Field Of View Size.
            Head - Targets the enemies Head.
            Neck - Targets the enemies Neck.
            Chest - Targets the enemies Chest.
            Stomach - Targets the enemies Stomach.
            Pelvis - Targets the enemies Pelvis.
    [+] Target Teammate - Allows aimbot to target teammates.
    [+] Hit Chance - Adjust the percentage that your bullet will hit the target.
    [+] Desync/Manipulation
    [+] Instant Hit - Disables bullet travel time when shooting.
    [+] Powershot
    [+] Heli Hitbox Expander - Expands the hitbox of the helicoper in Rust.
    [+] Player Hitbox Expander - Expands the hitbox of players in Rust.
    [+] Hitbox Spoofer
    [+] Auto Reload - Automatically reloads your weapon for you when you are out of ammo.
    Weapon Modifications
    [+] Recoil Control - Adjust your recoil percentage for each weapon in Rust.
    [+] Spread Control - Allows configuration of bullet spread from weapons.
    [+] Bullet Size - Increase or decrease bullet size.
    [+] Bullet Speed - Adjust the bullet speed of each weapon in Rust.
    [+] Fire Rate Multiplier - Adjust how fast your weapon shoots.
    [+] Extended Melee - Extends the melee distance allowed in Rust.
    [+] No Melee Slowdown - Disables the melee cooldown so you can melee instantly.
    [+] Instant Compound Bow - Instantly shoot a compound bow.
    [+] Instant Eoka - Rapidly fire the Eoka in Rust.
    [+] Silent Reload - Removes the reload animation in Rust.
    [+] Hitbox Override - Allows for a bone target override.
    [+] Fake Gunshots
    [+] Instant Charge Bow - Allows for an instant charge on your bow.
    [+] Customized World ESP ( Name, Distance, Info, Max Distance, Opacity, Font Scale )
    [+] Player ESP - Enable ESP for players inside Rust.
    [+] Player Chams - Shows real time player body structure of other players on your screen.
    [+] Self Chams - Draws chams of yourself on your screen.
    [+] Raid ESP - When someone is raiding another players base you will be notified on ESP.
    [+] Custom Prefab ESP
    [+] Scientist ESP - Shows the scientists on ESP.
    [+] Hotbar ESP - Gives you the ability to see what another player has in their hotbar if they are inside your crosshair.
    [+] Player Flags ESP - Shows arrows around your FOV circle of other players directions.
    [+] Clothing ESP - Gives you information about clothing locations in Rust.
    [+] Custom Time/Ambient - Change the time of day for your local player (only you can see this).
    [+] NPC ESP - Shows NPCs on ESP.
    [+] Animal ESP - Shows animals on ESP.
    [+] Name Spoofer - Spoofs your in game name to a random name to potentially mask your name being released (this doesn't apply to F7 reports).
    [+] Auto Pickup - Automatically pick up items you walk on top of.
    [+] Auto Pick Magnet
    [+] Auto Eat - Automatically eat food once you are hungry.
    [+] Auto Heal - Automatically heal yourself once you have low health.
    [+] Auto Loot - Automatically pick up items you have selected inside your "Auto Loot Filter".
    [+] Auto Loot Filters - Configure items to automatically loot.
    [+] Spoof Animation
    [+] Follow Player - Follows the specified player without input needed from the user.
    [+] Fake Lag - Holds commands back and sends them all at once.
    [+] Spoof Player Height - Adjust player hight within Rust.
    [+] Instant Revive - Instantly revive team members when they are down.
    [+] Auto Revive - Automatically revive players once they are down.
    [+] Instant Drink - This feature will drink for you once you become thirsty.
    [+] Instant Loot - Skips the cooldown for looting.
    [+] Auto Knock
    [+] Admin Flag
    [+] Interactive Debug
    [+] Spiderman
    [+] High Jump - Jump higher than normally allowed within Rust.
    [+] Infinite Jump - Skips the cooldown for jumping.
    [+] Bhop - Rapidly jump constantly once you hit the ground.
    [+] Disable Animations - Disables all animations within Rust.
    [+] Omni Sprint
    [+] Spinbot - Rapidly rotate your player exploiting the hitbox of yourself to other players.
    [+] Walk Through Colliders
    [+] Walk On Water - Allows for your player to walk on top of water.
    [+] Suicide Spammer
    [+] Gunshot Spammer
    [+] Disable Recyclers
    [+] Disable Furnaces
    [+] Disable Campfires
    [+] Disable Server Commands
    [+] Anti Flyhack - This feature will not allow you to pass the allowed threshold of the jump height barrier leading to you not getting kicked for "Flyhack Violation".
    [+] Always Shoot
    [+] Always Aim
    [+] Rotate Building
    [+] Speed Hack - Adjust the walk speed of your player.
    [+] Auto Lock Codelock - Automatically lock a door once you close it.
    [+] Auto Auth Codelock - Automatically input the specified code into a lock once you get in range.
    [+] Spam Knock
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Rust Hacks



    What kind of support is offered for our Rust Hacks?

    In the market of video game cheats, customer support plays a huge factor. We hold every customer close to our hearts so they can spend the most time possible using their product. We offer premium support to all of our VIP customers to guarantee they are satisfied with our Rust cheats. At OnyxCheats you can create a support ticket at any time if there are any issues you are facing. We can happily say that OnyxCheats is the best place to buy Rust cheats.


    How safe are our Rust Hacks?

    We routinely stress test our Rust hacks to ensure they are up to date and undetectable by any anticheat. We set a high standard by providing the safest Rust hacks on the market.


    Can you cheat Rust console?

    Yes, of course! Rust hacks for console are used by a lot of individuals. Although it won't be the same as utilizing hacks on a PC, there are ways to utilize a Cronus to cheat when using a console like the Xbox. Using a Cronus can provide you access to hundreds of free internet scripts made by other users that can help you improve your aim, more easily account for recoil, or even fully automate a semi-automatic weapon! Every game you play has thousands of gamers utilizing some kind of hack.


    What is the best cheat for Rust?

    When it comes to cheats in Rust there are many providers. We believe when it comes to Rust Cheats OnyxCheats.com is the best around. With our state of the art anti tripwire anticheat update detection you will never have to worry about losing your account to a game update. This does not apply to being banned inside the game itself from various servers if you are being spectated. We understand staying undetected has a huge impact on our members relationships. We stay undetected by testing every feature after even the smallest game update to ensure the security of our members accounts.


    How much are Rust Hacks?

    Rust hacks can vary in price from each provider. This can also depend on the features included with the cheat or hack. We find that ~75 Euros/Month is a standard price for a quality Rust cheat. Keep in mind, price doesn't mean secure or undetected. We suggest buying Rust Cheats here if you want an undetected cheat at the best price.


    What are Rust Hacks?

    There are numerous different things that may be categorized as hacks in Rust. Due to the length of time cheat creators have had to reverse the game and the anticheat system the game uses, hackers have grown in popularity in Rust over time. As a result, several hacks are developed, including scripts and mod menus that make it simpler to execute tasks.


    What is ESP in Rust?

    An ESP hack also known as wallhacks in Rust is the type of hack that displays visual information about other players or the map you are playing on. Some of the details shown to you from using an ESP cheat is the players name you are looking at, what level their account is, how much health a player has and even the distance between you and the player you are looking at. This type of cheat is mainly used to have an advantage of your surrounding and to be able to locate other players or items on the map very easily.


    What are Rust Aimbot Hacks?

    Using an Aimbot hack grants you the ability to use a program or script to automatically aim at another player. This type of cheat is used by more than 30 percent of players within Rust. It is much easier for you to use an aimbot hack to secure you getting the kill over your opponent due to recoil compensation or player tracking issues. Sadly Rust aimbot on consoles like xbox is not possible like the way it is on PC. But, as mentioned in an article above that even consoles can use hacks for Rust by using a Cronus. In today's video game market it has never been easier to get Rust cheats on console.

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    • What Is The Game Rust About?
    • The safest Rust Hacks and cheats available.
    • Rust Aimbot
    • Rust ESP/Wallhacks
    • What makes our Rust Hacks and Cheats the best?
    • How to get Rust Hacks?
    • User Reviews Of LastCheat Rust
    • Menu Images
    • Feature Explanation
    • FAQS
      • What kind of support is offered for our Rust Hacks?
      • How safe are our Rust Hacks?
      • Can you cheat Rust console?
      • What is the best cheat for Rust?
      • How much are Rust Hacks?
      • What are Rust Hacks?
      • What is ESP in Rust?
      • What are Rust Aimbot Hacks?
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