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  • LastCheat Apex Legends Hacks

    LastCheat Apex: Aimbot Hacks, ESP/Wallhack, Radar Hacks and pSilent.



    LastCheat Apex is the Highest Quality Apex Legends hack. The only solution for all gamers. Undetected Aimbot & ESP and MORE! Built in HWID Spoofer included.


    What Is Apex Legends?

    Apex Legends is a one of the most popular free to play battle royal games with cross platform compatibility. With over 100 million registered players in 2022, Apex Legends was developed by Respawn Entertainment in 2019 with the ability to be played on any device with ease. Upon loading into the game for the first time you will be welcomed by an in-game training match explaining the fundamentals of the game. This is very useful for new players to understand how to efficiently play the game and become an Apex Champion. When loading into an online match you are accompanied by either 20 trios or 30 duos (depending on the mode you select) that are all attempting to have the same end goal, winning! The overall objective of Apex Legends is to engage in gunfights and become the last player/squad alive. There however are many obstacles getting in everyone's way of becoming an Apex Predator. Everyone needs to gather upgraded supplies in order to have a better chance at outliving their opponents. Don't stay in the same place for too long though! There happens to be a has circle slowly closing in on a specific location of the map forcing all the players alive to participate in combat against each other to see who will be the last alive. This circle is a ring of gas that will diminish your health over time if you are outside of the safe area for an extended period of time. Do you think you have what it takes to become an Apex Champion?


    What Are Apex Legends Cheats?

    Most of the Apex Legends Cheats and Hacks in existence are developed to be used on PC. There however is other tools you can use if you are not on PC though. Cheats for the other devices such as: Xbox, PS4 and PS5 aren't as in-depth as hacks for PC. These cheating tools are called: Chronus Max or Xim Apex. What do these cheats do? Easily enough they mainly just abuse the aim assist built into the game to make it more forgiving and lock on harder and faster at a bigger Field Of View. There are other hacks built into these cheats such as bunny hop, auto strafe, trigger bot and more! When it comes to Apex Legends Cheats on PC there are many more options available to the user.


    Apex Legends Aimbot Hacks

    We provide two types of aimbot for Apex Legends: Memory Aim and pSilent. Memory Aimbot uses view angles which show visible snapping to spectators but when using very low settings is more undetectable than using the pSilent version of aimbot. pSilent aimbot is true Silent Aim which does not show visible snapping when locking on to a target. This type of aimbot can be used for legit or rage play style based on your other settings you have set within our LastCheat Apex Legends Hacks.


    Apex Legends Hacks with Wallhacks/ESP

    All of our Apex Legends Cheats come with wallhacks by default. What is a Wallhack for Apex Legends? This option shows boxes around non visible and visible players so the user can locate them easier or be aware of any possible threats in their path.


    Apex Legends Item ESP Hack

    When it comes to LastCheat for Apex Legends, Item ESP Hacks are a must have. What Item ESP for Apex Legends does is allows the user to have the ability to see exact loot locations of gear so they can upgrade their character to have a better chance of outliving their opponent.


    Apex Legends Heirloom Changer Hack

    Did you know, you are guaranteed to receive a Heirloom in Apex Legends every 500 Apex Packs that you open? With LastCheats Heirloom Changer Hack you have the option to change your current Heirloom to whatever you desire. Keep in mind this is client sided only meaning only you will be able to see this.


    Apex Legends No Spread Hack

    Using No Spread in Apex Legends is a very good feature when rage cheating. What No Spread for Apex Legends does is lands all of your bullets where your crosshair is placed nomatter if you are aiming down sites or hipfiring.



    Why Should You Buy LastCheat For Apex Legends?

    When you purchase from OnyxCheats.com you receive the highest quality Apex Legends Cheats with the lowest ban rates. There is full documentation and full feature explanation so you the user are understanding everything there is to know about your Apex Legends Hack. Do you enjoy LastCheat for Apex Legends? You may also enjoy LastCheat Rust.



    How To Avoid Getting Banned

    Apex Legends uses a machine learning based technology detection system on their server to calculate if the player is using hacks or not. If the player is throwing too many "red flags" their server will trigger an automatic ban on the player. To avoid getting banned you should be very cautious of using aimbot on a new account (under 10 days played). Aged accounts tend to last longer and avoid getting banned even when using rage settings. Apex Legends cheater detection system takes in factor many things such as your account's age, average accuracy ratio and overall game sense to decide if a player is a cheater.


    Below are some of the factors that will make Apex Legends trigger an automatic bans

    • Overall accuracy above 80%.
    • Snap Aiming (certain settings like ultra low delay will cause this).
    • Long distance damage shots.
    • Consistent Headshots.
    • Constant Solo Team Wipes.

    Once you are marked as a cheater, usually one of the very first symptoms you will notice is your spectator count disappearing if you have "List Observers" enabled.


    How To Check If You're HWID Banned On Apex Legends

    • Use a "cleaner" that will remove traces of Apex Legends being played on your PC.
    • Use a VPN (used to clean more data incase they banned your IP Address).
    • Create a new account using your mobile data on your phone.
    • Log into the new account and open Apex Legends.
    • Go into the "Apex Training" and sit inside of the training for ~5 minutes.
    • Close the game and wait 24 hours before opening it again.
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    Menu Images

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  • LastCheat-Radar.webp.9cb015452b43b7a0eb81dff420a950be.webp
    Radar/Auto Loot


  • LastCheat-ESP.webp.e10f6c69cba0d5514a49573fa31b2b23.webp


  • LastCheat-Misc.webp.81273e81f5390257aceb286f4eb97bd2.webp



    Feature Explanation



    [+] Aimbot Enable - When Checked aimbot is activated. When unchecked aimbot is disabled.

    [+] Aim Key - This allows you to select a custom key to activate aimbot. When there is no aimkey set: aimbot will not work.

    [+] Legit Aim - When enabled aimbot will be "humanized" meaning it will look more legit. This can be fine tuned by changing "Legit Aim Smooth".

    [+] Spectator Smooth Multiplier - Once someone spectates you they will see your current smoothing times what you have the multiplier tuned to. This means if you have the Spectator Smooth Multiplier to 0 they will see you snapping as hard as the game will register. If you have the multiplier tuned to 1 they will see exactly what you see. With the slider set to 3 the spectator will see 3 times less of what you see. (this does not apply to your party members).

    [+] Aim Prediction - Aimbot will predict the enemies movement + distance and predict the location they will be in once the bullets shot get to their current distance.

    [+] Smooth Compensation - This will compensate for both aimbot prediction and aimbot smoothing.

    [+] Min & Max Curve Time - The aimbot's tracking speed will be randomly chosen between the two values that you specify. The larger the distance between values = the more legit the aimbot will look. For legit players it is recommended to use 500min and 1000 max.

    [+] Weak Aim Lock - When this is enabled if a target goes outside your FOV it will forget about the target.

    [+] pSilent - this is true "Silent Aim". Using this will allow you to target an enemy without locking on to them. Spectators will see exactly what you see (meaning no snapping).

    [+] Additional Spread - The higher the spread the less accurate you will be. This is a very advanced feature that allows the user to set their own value of spread. 0 additional spread means you can hipfire and hit 100% of shots. Using 20 additional spread means even when you are 100% accurate you will only hit 80% of your shots.

    [+] Silent Key - This is a rage feature. This will allow the user to swap between memory/normal aimbot & pSilent. This can only be used if pSilent is enabled.

    [+] Soft Lock - What this does is modify the aimbot to allow the user to freely target any body part of the enemy. Once you go outside of the FOV you have set from the target the aimbot will correct you and direct your FOV back to the target.

    [+] Max Aim Distance - The aimbot will only target enemies within the max distance you have set.

    [+] Triggerbot - This option will allow the cheat to shoot for you once an enemy is inside the FOV you have set.

    [+] Target Monster - Allows the aimbot to target Prowlers and Spiders.

    [+] Target Bone - Enables you to pick an enemy bone to target.
          Dynamic - Changed target bone based off of distance and gun variables. This is very good for legit players.
          Closest - Targets the closest bone to your crosshair.
          Head - Targets the enemies head.
          Neck - Targets the enemies neck.
          Body - Targets the enemies chest.

    [+] Recoil Control - Emulates recoil control based on the value of "Recoil Drop %" that you have set.

    [+] Recoil Drop % - This will let the user select an exact percentage of recoil they want. 0% means you will have normal recoil. 100% means you will have no recoil.

    [+] No Sway - Disables weapon sway. Disable if you are playing legit.

    [+] No Spread - Disabled the spread of any weapon (as much as possible).

    [+] Instant Hit - Bullets will instantly hit your target (this messes with arcstars at close range).

    [+] Backtrack - Enables you to shoot back at the past where the enemies have been. If they where visible to you: you should be able to shoot at their previous position and damage them. This is very ping reliant (if you have bad ping don't use this). Red circles will accompany targets that are backtrackable.

    [+] Hipfire FOV - The max field of view aimbot will target enemies inside of when you're hipfiring.

    [+] ADS FOV- The max field of view aimbot will target enemies inside of when you're aiming down sights.

    [+] Draw FOV - Drags a field of view circle on your screen.
          Green - pSilent FOV.
          White - Memory Aim FOV.

    [+] Swap Targets - Allows you to automatically swap to another target if the target you where previously shooting at dies or is no longer visible.

    [+] Menu Key - Enables you to show/hide the menu when the key is pressed.

    [+] Battle Key - Disables all item ESP so you can focus on combat.

    [+] Toggle ESP Ammo - When pressed: disables showing ammo on ESP.

    [+] Toggle ESP Weapon - When pressed: disables showing weapons on ESP.

    [+] Toggle Attach Weapon - When pressed: disables showing weapon attachments on ESP.



    [+] Player ESP - Shows player HP bar & shield bar. Increase/decrease the slider to tune the max distance.

    [+] Item ESP - Enables item names to be drawn on your screen. Increase/decrease the slider to tune the max distance. Rarity is sorted by color.
            White - Common
    Green - Uncommon
    Blue - Rare
    Purple - Epic
    Yellow - Legendary
    Red - Exotic

    [+] Loot ESP - Shows you where loot containers are on ESP. Increase/decrease the slider to tune the max distance.

    [+] Death Box ESP - Shows text where there is a death box along with the contents inside the box. Increase/decrease the slider to tune the max distance.

    [+] Vehicle ESP - This allows you to see location of vehicles. Increase/decrease the slider to tune the max distance.

    [+] Monster ESP - Shows Prowlers/Spiders on ESP.

    [+] Distance ESP - If enabled this will show you the distance between you and the enemies.

    [+] Name ESP - Shows the player's username. This is very useful when trying to avoid streamers/pro teams. We have a database of pro players/ streamers and if you are in a game with one it will say "PRO: [username]" in red.

    [+] Player Weapon ESP - This shows text of the current weapon a player is holding.

    [+] Supply Drop Weapon Finder - Marks all of the supply drop weapons globally: (Kraber, Bocek, RE-45, Rampage).

    [+] Legends Icon - Enemies will display an icon that shows what legend they are currently using.

    [+] Warning System - When enabled a box of text marked in red: - [WARNING] - will show on the top middle of your screen if another player is aiming at you.

    [+] Skeleton - This will show the skeleton structure of all enemies within your set range.

    [+] Bounding Box - Shows a 2D box around each player inside of your Max ESP Distance.

    [+] Item Icon - When enabled this will show the item icons for Item ESP.

    [+] Kill Count - You will see the players kill number they currently have. This is perfect for understanding the type of player you might be engaging in combat with. EXAMPLE: (K: 5) = A player that has 5 kills.

    [+] Glow - Highlights enemy players outlines with exact player outline structure. (NOT STREAMPROOF)

    [+] Glow Color Wheel - Changing this will allow the user to customize the color of Visible/Invisible Player Glow ESP. The left side is visible players the right side is invisible players.

    [+] Traceline - Draws a line from the bottom of your screen to each player in your Player ESP Distance ("Snaplines").

    [+] Smart Item - If enabled this will only show gear/items that are an upgrade from what you currently have.

    [+] Item Type - Allows the user to filter out specific item types. (Ammo, Armor, Weapon, Healing, Attachments and Special (Vault Keys & Treasure Boxes).

    [+] Weapon Type - Allows you to filter out weapons by their respective category (AR, SMG, Sniper, Shotgun, LMG, Pistol and Throwable).

    [+] Display Item Grade - Enables filtering items by a certain rarity (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Exotic, Heirloom, Unique (Vault Key & Treasure Boxes).


    Radar/Auto Loot

    [+] Enable Radar - Shows a triangle overlay of enemies locations and view flags. You can resize the radar by holding the bottom right edge of the window to your desired size.

    [+] Enemy Only - When enabled this will ignore displaying teammates on the radar.

    [+] Visible Only - This will only show visible enemies on the radar.

    [+] Rotates - Automatically rotates the minimap based off of your current view angle.

    [+] Max Distance - Increases the radars detection radius.

    [+] Enemy Dot Type - Changes the type of drawings that you can use for blips on the radar (Rectangle, Filled Rectangle, Circle, Filled Circle).

    [+] Auto Loot - This will grab loot for you automatically that is an upgrade from what you currently have.



    [+] List Observers - This creates a new window where the player names of the people that are spectating you will show (works in ranked).

    [+] Map Radar - A Global map radar showing every player on the map (NOT STREAMPROOF).

    [+] Weapon Select - Allows you to open a GUI to help you filter out weapons in ESP.

    [+] Bunnyhop - Set a designated keybind to bunnyhop 100% accurately (this can mess with climbing obstacles).

    [+] Tactical Reload - Skips the chambering animation of reloading.

    [+] Cosmetic Skin ID - Allows you to change your skin model of your current legend (client sided).

    [+] Heirloom Changer - Allows you to change your skin model of your held Heirloom (client sided).

    [+] Visible Only - Only shows visible players on Player ESP.

    [+] Force Head Target - Set a keybind to force the aimbot to shoot at the targets head.

    [+] Ignore ESP Distance - Disables the limit for ESP so you can do a "situation check" of your surroundings.

    [+] Low Preformance Mode - Lowers the amount of raytrace calculations to help preform better on "Low-Spec" PCs.

    [+] Hide ESP In FOV - Disables ESP inside of your set FOV.

    [+] Thermite/Frag Aimbot - Allows you to throw a grenade/thermite in the sky calculating the perfect time to hit the target on airburst duration.



  • User Reviews Of LastCheat Apex


    I have tried multiple cheats for Apex Legends and none come close to LastCheat Apex.

    Aimbot: 10/10 - NEVER had an issue hitting any shots.
    ESP: 9/10 - LastCheat ESP shows everything imaginable on Apex Legends. I just wish the ESP had color customizability.
    Undetected: 10/10 - Only time that I've ever been banned is when I was fully raging on a fresh account. Since then I've never been banned.
    HWID Spoofer: 10/10 - I have used numerous Apex Legends cheats and none come with a temporary spoofer built into the cheat like LastCheat does.




    LastCheat Apex Legends Hacks are the best in the business. I have encountered multiple cheaters and had no issues killing them. The only downside of the cheat is you can't seem to change the color of the skeleton/bounding box ESP.




    We have all thought about using cheats in Apex Legends. Well if you do, buy LastCheat for Apex Legends. It is easily the best cheat on the market at the best price since it includes a cheat and a spoofer built in.




    Many times have I came across other cheaters in Apex. I've decided to join the dark side and purchase LastCheat. I have no regrets.




    How Do I Purchase Apex Legends Cheats?

    If you would like to purchase Apex Legends Cheats you can simply click our store page and choose your desired Apex Hack. After you complete your order you will be notified and gain access to your personal key and the file to download with full documentation on how to use the hacks. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to open a support ticket and have a conversation with our support team.


    Where to get Apex Hacks?

    OnyxCheats.com offers a wide variety of Apex Legends Hacks that can be used on any brand of Gaming PC. All of our cheats are optimized to run on even the lowest budget PC. You will have no issues running our Apex Legends Cheats on your gaming computer.


    Can You Cheat In Apex On PS4?

    Yes, but nearly all of the cheats available for Apex Legends are mainly developed to be used on a computer. With that being said there are external tools such as a Chronus Max or Apex Xim that hook up to your controller/console to give you a better advantage than the other players that are not using such devices.

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    • Apex Legends No Spread Hack
    • Why Should You Buy LastCheat For Apex Legends?
    • How To Avoid Getting Banned
    • How To Check If You're HWID Banned On Apex Legends
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