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Are these cheats updated?

We highly recommend that you check our status page to see if the product you are thinking about purchasing is fully updated and undetected.


Are these cheats undetectable?

Nothing is "undetectable" but if it is marked "undetected" on our status page, it is fully functional and no bans have been recently reported while using a legit play style.


How long until i get my product after purchasing?

Purchasing with card is nearly instantly, Bitcoin requires confirmation from the blockchain that the funds have been sent. This can vary from 30 second - 10 minutes.


Is there a free trial?



Can these hacks be used on console?

No they can not. The way that cheats like Aimbot and ESP work require a compiled executable file (.exe) that inject into the game to use the hacks. Surely you can use a xim or cronus to have an advantage against other console players but those "hacks" will never be able to compete with the cheats that are made for PC. If someone tells you that their hack works for console they are lying to you.

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