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  • Fecurity EFT Hacks


    Fecurity Escape From Tarkov: Max Skills, Bullet Teleportation, Wallphase & More!

    Fecurity is a powerful EFT Cheat that allows players to dominate in intense combat situations. With features like aimbot, wallhack, and no recoil, this cheat gives you the edge you need to come out on top.


  • What is Escape From Tarkov about?

    Escape From Tarkov takes place in a fictional location of the Norvinsk region. There is a war taking place between USEC and BEAR (two private military companies). When you start the game you are able to pick which side you want to join. Choosing this has no impact on how the game is played. Once you load into the main menu you will be greeted with a start up kit that will allow you to join the PvPvE action. Characters inside the game are meant to be indistinguishable from real players and automated players. There are contracts that you are meant to do while inside the game server competing with other players in the same server to make it to an exfil station without dying. Once you complete these contracts or tasks you turn them in to the operators to level up your abilities for your character. Once you get to a certain level you unlock the flea market which grants you the ability to buy sell and trade to other players playing the game at the same time as you. This is where you can make custom weapons with nearly no limitations to be perfectly formed to your play-style. What makes the game so tricky is the player animations which effect in game movements until you heal yourself along side with the hardcore game-play. Did I mention that if you die you lose everything you went into the server with?



    Undetectable Escape From Tarkov Cheats 2023

    Are the greatest Escape From Tarkov cheats something you're looking for? You are, after all, where you need to be! Use our premium hacks, which are continually reviewed to make sure that our users are using the greatest Escape From Tarkov cheats, to become the top gamer. We spend countless hours evaluating each Escape From Tarkov update, including hot fixes for EFT, because the EFT cheats provided at OnyxCheats are the safest cheats and are widely trusted by users. Since all of the features are undetectable to Battleye, EasyAntiCheat, and VAC, many of our users like using our EFT cheats. Are you looking for the best HWID Spoofer for EFT? Check out our HWID Spoofer here.


    Escape From Tarkov Aimbot Hacks

    If you're looking to dominate in Escape from Tarkov, consider investing in an aimbot from OnyxCheats. Our advanced aimbot technology allows you to get easy kills in any situation, making gameplay more enjoyable and effortless. Our Escape from Tarkov aimbot is one of our most popular and successful hacks, and it's no surprise why.
    Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your gameplay and join the ranks of other satisfied customers. Make the smart choice and purchase an aimbot for Escape from Tarkov from OnyxCheats today. Optimize your gameplay and take your skills to the next level with our top-rated aimbot. Don't wait any longer, start dominating in Escape from Tarkov now with the help of OnyxCheats.


    Escape From Tarkov ESP (EFT ESP)

    One of the most frequently used components of any cheat is the EFT wallhack or ESP (extrasensory perception). It has often been demonstrated to be a need when playing any kind of game where you need to observe other players. Wallhacks enable the user to view other players hiding behind any type of cover, allowing you to plan your attack properly and gain a significant competitive advantage. There are various options besides simply observing other players when it comes to Escape From Tarkov esp cheats or hacks. Utilizing ESP for the purpose of being able to view other items or loot dispersed throughout the world might be another fun experience. This is a nice advantage to have when you are first starting out playing Escape From Tarkov so you can build your character more efficiently than the other players which will then lead you to attacking them before they where prepared.


    Escape From Tarkov Radar Hacks

    The radar hack is among the most underrated components of EFT cheats. OnyxCheats does not cut any corners when developing a radar hack for Escape from Tarkov. Wouldn't it be much simpler to glance at the screen and have an image of where all the players are around you on a two-dimensional plane if you are in a gunfight with another player? A radar hack is what this is, I guess (also known as 2D-Radar). In Escape From Tarkov, every second counts when it comes to life or death. As a result, we take great satisfaction in enabling our users to watch every player within range at any time without having to be directly in their line of sight.


    Escape From Tarkov No Recoil Hacks

    Weapon recoil can be a severe penalty when it comes to any first person shooter game. Especially if you are taking fire from multiple targets on the map. With our Escape From Tarkov no recoil cheats you can easily secure the kill without having to worry about compensating for the insane recoil within Escape From Tarkov. At OnyxCheats give users the option to set the recoil percentage they want to have in the chance that they want to have the perfect amount of recoil for them. Join the other players today and purchase the best no recoil hack for Escape From Tarkov on the market at the cheapest price.


    What makes our EFT Hacks and Cheats undetectable?

    Us at OnyxCheats don't cut corners when it comes to our EFT cheat protections. We spend countless hours testing every feature before releasing it to the public. Our cheats will always be undetectable from any anticheat. When it comes to hacking in Escape From Tarkov. By us testing every feature after every update it allows us to have one of the best histories when it comes to providing the top tier undetected EFT cheats. You too can be one of the many elite players using the best cheats in Escape From Tarkov by clicking here.


    How to get Escape From Tarkov Hacks?

    To enable users to jump into the action right away with the least amount of effort required for purchasing and installing our paid Escape From Tarkov hacks, we have included the maximum level of detail in all of our hacks. To begin, navigate to the store page and pick the Escape From Tarkov cheat you wish to buy. You'll then copy the key you ordered after making a purchase by going to My Purchases. The chosen hack that you purchased will be downloaded when you finally visit downloads. From there, all you have to do is launch the Escape From Tarkov hack and, if necessary, refer to our VIP information.

  • 4 Key Reasons Why We Are Better Than Any Other Provider For Fecurity EFT Hacks

    (Please Read This!)


    • At OnyxCheats we agree that customer satisfaction is everything. We strive to do our best to keep you as a happy customer with no issues with your product. If you have any issues we would be delighted to help you via a support ticket which can be created here.


    • When it comes to your personal computer, your security means everything. When you're purchasing from us we ensure you that every program offered by us is virus and malware free. We take pride in gaining customers trust to have them as a repeat customer.


    • We fully understand that undetectable features within Escape From Tarkov cheats are very important but update times are also important. We have a very good track record of minimal downtimes with our Escape From Tarkov hacks after updates so you can get right back in the action of dominating the lobby.


    • All of our cheats are completely undetectable by any anticheat software such as BattlEye, EasyAntiCheat and VAC. This ensures that you the customer will always have the best experience using our cheats knowing that the chance of ban is very minimal while using our undetectable EFT cheats.
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  • Feature Explanation



    [+] Hard Lock Aimbot - This version of aimbot forces a lock on so you stay on target of your enemy.

    [+] Silent Aimbot - By using silent aimbot it will give you the ability to freely aim while still hitting your target.

    [+] Auto Fire - Using Auto Fire for EFT will start shooting as soon as your target gets inside your Aimbot FOV.

    [+] Auto Fire Hitscan - Gives the user the ability to select a specific bone when using Auto Fire.

    [+] Auto Fire Hitscan Speed - Changes the refresh speed for how fast the Auto Fire is targeting an enemy.

    [+] Aimbot FOV - Adjust the Field Of View in which aimbot is activated.

    [+] Draw FOV - Draws your specified Aimbot Field Of View on your screen.

    [+] Remove Dispersion - Removes recoil for all guns in EFT.

    [+] Silent Knife - Allows you to kill players with a knife without needing to knife them.

    [+] Velocity & Ballistic Prediction - Change the bullet prediction for aimbot in Escape From Tarkov.

    [+] Max Aimbot Distance - Change the maximum distance the aimbot will target other players.

    [+] Max Auto Fire Distance - Change the maximum distance in which the auto fire will be activated in.

    [+] Aimbot Bone Target - Gives the user the ability to select a bone they wish aimbot to target.

            Left Arm
            Left Hand
            Right Arm
            Right Hand
            Left Leg
            Left Foot
            Right Leg
            Right Foot



    [+] Visible Only - Gives the user the ability to only show visible players on ESP.

    [+] Player ESP - When enabled Player ESP will be activated.

    [+] Player Skeleton - Draws a skeleton bone structure of other players on the map.

    [+] Player Box - Draws a box around other players on ESP.

    [+] Player Chams - Shows real time player structure on ESP.

    [+] Player 3D-Box - Draws a 3D box around other players on ESP.

    [+] Quest Item Loot List - Automatically changes Loot ESP to show you items needed for your current task.

    [+] Loot Minimum Price - Gives the user the ability to only show loot above a certain market/trader price.

    [+] Max Item Distance - Set a maximum distance in which Item ESP will be drawn.

    [+] Container Max Item Distance - Set a maximum distance in which Item ESP inside containers will be drawn.

    [+] Bullet Tracer ESP - Draws a line from your gun barrel to where your bullets land.

    [+] Mine ESP - Shows the location of Mines on ESP.

    [+] ESP Distances - Shows distances in meters between you and the Item/Player.

    [+] Extraction Point ESP - Informs the user where the current extraction points are within the map.

    [+] Grenade ESP - Shows grenades on esp when they are thrown.

    [+] Player Name - When enabled this will allow the user to see the names of other players on ESP.

    [+] Item Name - When this feature is enabled it will show the name of the item on ESP.

    [+] OOF Arrows - By using Out Of Field Indicators it will draw triangles around your FOV showing you the direction in which other players are.



    [+] Fast Search - Gives the user the ability to instantly search players/scavs/bosses bodies.

    [+] Fast Examine - When enabled this feature will allow you to instantly examine unfound items.

    [+] Fast Open Container - This feature grants the ability for the user to instantly open containers.

    [+] Fast Load/Unload Ammo - By using this feature you will have the ability to instantly load/unload ammo into/from magazines.

    [+] Dynamic Crosshair - Draw an external crosshair on your screen.

    [+] Thermal Vision - Forces thermal vision to your player so you don't need thermal goggles.

    [+] Night Vision - Forces night vision so you don't have to use night vision goggles.

    [+] Hitsound - Change the sound the game makes when you get a hit marker.

    [+] No Jump Delay - When enabled this feature will remove the delay after jumping allowing for repetitive jumping.

    [+] High Jump - Allows the user to jump higher than normally allowed.

    [+] Jump Scale - Allows you to change the height you will jump.

    [+] Custom Game Time (client sided) - Grants the user ability to change the time of day locally.

    [+] Third Person - When enabled you will play the game in third person.

    [+] Loot Through Walls - Allows you to loot behind locked doors or hidden rooms. This works up to 4 meters.

    [+] Remove Visor - Removes the scratch obstructions that are on visors when wearing a visor on your helmet.

    [+] Remove Recoil - When this feature is enabled all recoil from guns will be removed.

    [+] Infinite Stamina - If you enable this feature you will never lose stamina in Escape From Tarkov.

    [+] Throwing Force - Change the force in which you throw grenades.

    [+] Force Switches (power) - Instantly turn on the power so you can extract.

    [+] No Weight Penalty - Removes the weight slowdown when you are carrying more weight than normally allowed in Escape From Tarkov.

    [+] No Inertia - Removes head bobbing and other Inertia properties within EFT.

    [+] No Malfunction - Disables the chance for your gun to malfunction when firing a weapon.

    [+] Speedhack - Move faster than normally allowed in the game.

    [+] No Fog - Removes the fog within Escape From Tarkov.

    [+] Always Fire - Gives you the ability to move freely and fire instantly.

    [+] Always Aiming - Gives you the ability to aim instantly within Escape From Tarkov.

    [+] No Physical Condition - Maxes all of your player stats giving you the ability to move freely within the game Escape From Tarkov (EFT) with no obstructions.

    [+] Real-Time Market Data - Pulls real time market data sorted by: Item Name, Market Price, Trader Price.

  • User Reviews Of Fecurity EFT


    Fecurity EFT Cheat is the best EFT cheat available. I have never had so much fun playing Tarkov with cheats in my life.



    We all know EFT Cheats can be pretty expensive. However Fecurity is an amazing EFT Cheat for the price. I recommend buying Fecurity EFT.



     There have been many cheats I've tried for EFT but Fecurity is the most fun one that I use. I will continue to purchase.



      +1 Loot through walls works.




    FAQ - Frequently asked questions about EFT Hacks



    The best customer support around for Escape From Tarkov Hacks

    In the market of video game cheats, customer support plays a huge factor. We hold every customer close to our hearts so they can spend the most time possible using their product. We offer premium support to all of our VIP customers to guarantee they are satisfied with our EFT cheats. At OnyxCheats you can create a support ticket at any time if there are any issues you are facing. We can happily say that OnyxCheats is the best place to buy Escape From Tarkov cheats.


    How safe are our EFT Hacks?

    We routinely stress test our Escape From Tarkov hacks to ensure they are up to date and undetectable by any anticheat. We set a high standard by providing the safest Escape From Tarkov hacks on the market.


    Why don't we offer lifetime access for EFT Cheats?

    Sadly, we aren't able to offer lifetime for our Escape From Tarkov cheats as that can become very costly on our side. We are aware that other providers do offer lifetime cheats for Escape From Tarkov but this will end up being more costly to the user as their product will be less undetected meaning you will need to buy more accounts over time than if you where to use our product. High quality premium Escape From Tarkov hacks requires a lot of attention and updated to ensure user security.


    Do Players in Escape From Tarkov Use Hacks to Win More Games?

    Yes of course! There are many people that use EFT cheats. If you are on PC, you have the ability to purchase a wide variety of hacks for Escape From Tarkov. Many players that cheat in Escape From Tarkov are using ESP. This means that they are seeing every player and item on the map. Another common feature used within EFT Cheats is aimbot. There are thousands of players using some variety of a hack in any game you play.


    What are Escape From Tarkov Hacks?

    When it comes to hacking in Escape From Tarkov there are many things that can be classified as a hack. To inform you the original meaning of "Game Hacks": Using a program to manipulate the games code to give the user an advantage over the other players. Over the years, hackers in Escape From Tarkov have became more and more popular due to how much time cheat developers have had to reverse the game and the anticheat the game is using (if any). This leads to various forms of hacks being created such as mod menus or scripts that allow you to complete a task easier than normal.


    What is ESP in Escape From Tarkov?

    An ESP hack also known as wallhacks in Escape From Tarkov is the type of hack that displays visual information about other players or the map you are playing on. Some of the details shown to you from using an ESP cheat is the players name you are looking at, what level their account is, how much health a player has and even the distance between you and the player you are looking at. This type of cheat is mainly used to have an advantage of your surrounding and to be able to locate other players or items on the map very easily.


    What are EFT Aimbot Hacks?

    Using an Aimbot hack grants you the ability to use a program or script to automatically aim at another player. This type of cheat is used by more than 20 percent of players within Escape From Tarkov. It is much easier for you to use an aimbot hack to secure you getting the kill over your opponent due to recoil compensation or player tracking issues. In today's video game market it has never been easier to get Escape From Tarkov cheats.

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